In Spain, people get together almost every day in cafes, neighborhood bars or "plazas" to enjoy food, drinks and coffee. It is common to see groups of people having a brandy, glass of wine or "cana" (draft beer) early in the afternoon. They say Americans live to work while the Spanish work only to live. These social gatherings are part of the fabric of Spanish society and you will often find animated discussions about politics, current events or Sports.

"Tapas" cafes and bars are an integral part of this Spanish tradition. You will find tapas bars or small cafes on virtually every street in Spain. These establishments generally have several "house specialties" which they serve as "tapas" to their customers. Most locations will provide, free of charge, a small taste of their tapas to their guests when a drink is ordered. Tapas translated means "tops" and the name is derived from the custom of serving the tapas on a small plate placed "on top" of the customer's drink. Legend has this custom arising for a number reasons; to keep flies away from one's drink, to ensure that the customer has some food to temper his drinking or simply to demonstrate to the customer that the establishment has provided him something "on the house".


Tinatapa's continues the proud tradition of "tapas" by offering a wide selection of menu items served on small plates. These "tapas" items are served either cold (Tapas Frias) or hot (Tapas Calientes) and are an appetizer portion. The "tapas" range in price from $3 to $10. In this manner customers are able to try many different menu items in one sitting and thereby enjoy several different flavor profiles for a relatively inexpensive price. Tinatapa's also offers a selection of house specialties (Especiales de la Casa) that are served as a full entree with black beans and Spanish rice.

At Tinatapa's, you are guaranteed to have a good time if you follow the three S's. Share! The menu and concept are designed to have guests order several different dishes and then share the items. This gives you a chance to taste many menu items and keeps food arriving at the table throughout the dining experience. Socialize! Tinatapa's is an energetic concept and the sharing of food and uptempo atmosphere create a very social environment that is perfect for enjoying food, drinks and company. Sangria! Nothing goes better with a table full "tapas then a pitcher of imported sangria. Tinatapa's offers traditional red sangria (Tina's Sangria), with sangria (Sangria Blanca) and champagne sangria (Sangria Mimosa). You may also order pitchers of signature margaritas if you prefer.

We hope you enjoy Tinatapa's!